The Babe at Bellevue

Babe Ruth
Red Sox great Babe Ruth, Associated Press Photo, Library of Congress

The Babe, Part 1

“About 1914, frequently numbered among the players on the course were three well-known members of the Boston Red Sox, namely Harry Hooper, Larry Gardner, and Babe Ruth. They were all enthusiastic golfers. While playing in a foursome that included Bellevue members Jack Heaton and Howard C. Paul, and Gardner (probably), Babe Ruth hit the longest drive of record on the ninth hole. The ninth green was directly in front of the clubhouse, a short par 4, which had been driven on occasion by a few long hitters. Ruth’s drive was heard to strike the roof of the clubhouse, but the ball was never found.”

The Babe, Part 2

“In the middle of a Bellevue parking space there was an embedded and large rock (it has since been removed!). Ruth arrived one day for a round of golf, driving a brand new roadster, of which he was obviously proud. Upon leaving the club, he succeeded in stranding his new car high and dry upon the rock with the differential smashed. The car was removed the following day and brought to a garage for repair.”

Excerpted from 1899-1999 Bellevue Centennial Book, compiled and edited by Bellevue member Frank Lottridge.