History of Golf Professionals

Bellevue’s first golf professional was Launcelot Cressy Servos, who was granted permission to give lessons at the Club for two weeks in the spring of 1901 beginning May 14, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Mr. Servos was from the White Mountain Golf Club and was well known throughout New England, having a high reputation as both an instructor and a player. His fee was $1.00 for a half-hour lesson. He was the author of a book entitled Practical Instructions in Golf, published in 1905. He is said to have later written an opera, which must have made him unique among golf professionals. He returned to Bellevue for several seasons.

Download Practical Instructions in Golf (PDF)

Joe Rustic, of American Indian descent, served for many years starting in the 1930s. Mr. Rustic had a small building to the left of the clubhouse that served as his pro shop. After the shop relocated to within the clubhouse for a number of years, a new separate building was finally erected for this purpose beside the first tee in 1949. The golf professional’s shop was expanded in 1990 to provide space for club storage and renovated in 1998 to make it more attractive internally.

Jock MacDowell succeeded Mr. Rustic during World War II. In 1946, the services of Phillip J. Friel, Jr., were engaged. He became an accomplished player in NEPGA tournaments during his career and currently is the owner of several well-known golf courses in New England. Succeeding him was John P. Jack Igoe, who, in 1950, tied for first place in the Massachusetts Open Championship with John Thoren, Michael Homa, and Eddie Burke, with a score of 285. John Thoren won the playoff. Leo Babe Doucette was Bellevue’s pro for eight years and died in Florida just before he was to return for his ninth year. George Fauteux served for nine years, during three of which he also served as Club Manager. James F. Tobin, served for thirty seasons and was Bellevue’s longest-serving golf professional.

  • 1945 James Fisher
  • 1946–48 Philip J. Friel, Jr.
  • 1949–52 John P. Jack Igoe
  • 1953–54 Charles A. Wilson
  • 1955–63 Leo Babe Doucette
  • 1964–66 William McCafferty
  • 1967–68 Walter Babe Gingras
  • 1969–71 James T. Nille
  • 1972–80 George H. Fauteux
  • 1981–2011 James F. Tobin
  • 2012– Jeffrey G. Monteleone